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Springsteen’s Best Live Recording? PROVE IT ALL NIGHT, Passaic, NJ – 1978

The most energetic song I ever heard live by the Boss, Bruce Springsteen was in 1978. The song PROVE IT ALL NIGHT begins with a long piano solo by the professor in a style that can only be called “Roy”.

The band accelerates from there.

Average speed=118.9 beats per minute
average beat=504.6 milliseconds
scale category=victory

Bruce Springsteen- Proiove It All Night
Bruce Springsteen- Prove It All Night


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Most Enthusiastic Song Ever Recorded? Melissa Etheridge, COME TO MY WINDOW


Just asking.

measurements N Schneider

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window - measured speed
Melissa Etheridge – Come To My Window tempo measurements