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Greg Phillinganes leads Collins, Clapton and East in song referencing Psychology Breakdown | Unclassified tempo probability map – White Room, Eric Clapton

What is going on with Adam Wilson?

Similarly and parallel to The Young and the Restless’ Adam, The Bold And the Beautiful is featuring a plot right out of a Hitchcock film or “Presents.”

illustration of speed measurement of song of drama
white room

The difference of course is in that what daily drama series relies on: we, the viewer, have no idea when the story is ever ending, or if it is ever ending. Unlike knowing a movie is two hours, and knowing a book ends on the last page, daytime drama, could, Tootsies-style, stop on a proverbial dime. It could also go on another thousand years. Even Shakespeare wrote in soap opera form. Charles Dickens honed his craft on: the soap operas of his time. A Tale Of Two Cities was one of many books originally written as “soap operas.”

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Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac – unclassified tempo map, video link

Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac – moderm tempo map

Gypsy is a song by Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, with help for an unforgettable guitar outro solo from Lindsay Buckingham (who never plays with a pick!)

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Us and Them – Pink Floyd – modern tempo maps, unclassified

This two a unclassified tempo map of Us & Them by Pink Floyd.

modern tempo maps - Pink Floyd
Us and Them, PInk Floyd
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Bruce Springsteen, Passaic New Jersey, 1978 – “Racing In The Street” – youtube says – “This is a real beauty! Great video! Tonight tonight the strips just right baby! Yeah”

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band 0409


Of the thousands of public online comments, I found MrMaiden321’s to be a fine representation.
MrMaiden321 said:

“I am 53 yrs old….my brothers who is 13 yrs older than me came home one day in the 70’s w the Born to Run 8 track…we listened to it together…he said…you mark my words Jane…hes gonna b BIG someday….i have been hooked since that warm Summer day when i was 12….i,never let go….MY BOY has gotten me thru the hardest times in my life…i listen to him everyday for 42 yrs…..n when i say…MY BOY….ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I AM TALKING ABOUT THE ONE N ONLY…..THE BOSS!!”

“… with the eyes of one who hates for just being born.” As good as it gets.

“An absolute classic. I’ve seen Bruce 12 times in England, Wales and in the USA, but this is the one song I’ve never seen him do. Will be in Cardiff on July 23rd, so fingers crossed.”

“This is a real beauty! Great video! Tonight tonight the strips just right baby! Yeah”

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Pink Floyd, Us And Them – declassified matherton diagram | link to youtube

Us and Them is a song written and recorded by the members of the band Pink Floyd.


I searched in several places online for a way for Jim Deluva and his band, “The Jim Deluva Cover Boys” to imitate the sound to perfection at a bachelor party they are playing tonight.

Jim is in the driveway – cool. I had told him, “Dude, you should have been able to find a chart my uncle posted a long time ago.”

“I know, dude, I know – can’t find it. I want you to listen to the ride pattern on the cymbal I worked out, anyway. It’s 4 over 3s over 4s – kind of a Phil Collins thing – and Roger and Phil never liked each other, so I want you to hear it.”

Us and Them, Pink Floyd – harmonic tempo map
Us and Them, Pink Floyd – harmonic tempo map
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God Only Knows Frequency – There will be hard months, but June 2018 was a fantastic month for the country. Thank you President Obama for lowering profile!

Beach-Boys-God-Only-Knows matherton-horowitz-common-tempo-map
Beach-Boys-God-Only-Knows matherton-horowitz-common-tempo-map

God Only Knows is a song =by the Beach Boys. Sir Paul McCartney has always called this his “favorite song”.

matherton horowitz

(matherton jr’s stepfather)

July 10, 2018