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JEREMY – unclassified tempo maps – official video link

Pearl Jam
contemporary tempo maps


Jeremy-Pearl-Jam-modern-tempo-map 409

Official video

So much has been said about this particular performance of the song JEREMY by Pearl Jam that to add more words toopinion would just be making fewer words.

As far as I know these are the only accurate tempo numbers for the song, but who counts?



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Justin Timberlake | Sexyback | matherton tempo illustration and video link

At the turn of the century, no one was trying to bring sexy back to music than former Disney® star Justin Timberlake with his recording of ‘SEXYBACK.’

matherton_tempo_map 01
Justin Timberlake, SEXYBACK
matherton_tempo_maps of Justin Timberlake's SEXYBACK
Matherton tempo diagram
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Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit, unclassified speed measurements.


Kurt Cobain was an artist once married to Hole, a female artist.

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The Blues Brothers – “Soul Man” –


The Blues Brothers featured John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Paul Schaeffer.

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“ain’t that tough enough?!” | TUFF ENUFF, the Fabulous Thunderbirds – declassified tempo map

My wife is a Philadelphia eagles fan of all her life.

Tuff Enuff
Tuff Enuff modern tempo diagram

I am a lowly N.Y. Jets fan of my life.

Hence the song ringing in the house – for my attitude, not hers!

Matherton will not reveal her favorite team. Her father, like mine, is a Giants fan, that tough enough.

spiron + matherton

November 26, 2017


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Rest In Peace, Thomas Petty | May the Lord Handle You With Care | Frequency diagram declassified

Handle With care Was My Favorite song ever with Tom Petty In it. The song features Jeff Lynne, the late Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, the last George Harrison as THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.