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John Denver, “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” | unclassified tempo maps| median expected tempo=60.6 bpm



Leavin On A Jet Plane-modern-tempo-chart
Leavin On A Jet Plane

Not many people have come into the public eye to make a judgment on a event that killed a man so beloved that he played a friend to God, played by George Burns, as a supermarket manager. You cannot put a number on the universality of that kind of adoration.

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Is anyone more an embodiment of Enthusiasm itself than a man named Joe? Which Joe? – “Hey Joe” unclassified tempo map

Jimi Hendrix Experience “HEY JOE” tempo chart
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I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles – contemporary tempo maps – unclassified


Lucas Brito

loooooooooooooove this song
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Sally Wren

John’s beautiful voice that mocking fate has taken away




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Paul McCartney’s two part suite – BAND ON THE RUN – declassified tempo map, video embedded.

Band On The Run
McCartney + Wings

One of the two part songs that was popular in the 1970s was the song by Paul McCartney, “Band On The Run”. I chose to measure the speed of this harmonic rhythm as from the time I was a child I felt the lift in the song when the speed changes.

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield – modern tempo map

Benny The Man

“Quality never goes out of style”

Hey-Joe-Jimi-Hendrix-TFITM – modern-tempo-map

“Love Jimi Hendrix”

“Timeless song – 50 years old this year.”

I consider band On The Run a two part suite. Paul McCartney> Thank you for spending your life sharing your musical, artistic, political, mathematical talents with everyone! In 500 years Lennon/McCartney will be as Beethoven/Mozart, as Paul suggested.

A surprise video embedded with the suggestion of Matherton –

Fire_And_Rain - James_Taylor - contemporary_tempo_map_meanspeed®_school

President Obama saw fore, he saw rain, he saw sunny days that he thought were never end. the felt James Taylor💜.  Who represented the United States in Paris after a rabid feral animal-human attack in Paris by envious hateful sick rabid murderers.


Your speed is individual.  Everyone’s is!  If you like a songs speed write me – you’d be surprised how much you can get out  of me just by asking.  I do this because I want to.  I don’t do it for money.  I do it to *calm people down*.

Why not suggest one list for this mood, one list for that mood, etc?  Because EVERYONE HAS UNIQUE TASTE!  I’d love to work with and play around with music lists with anyone.  The idea that ONE list that works for me is going to work for you? Arrogant? Is Apple or Pandora or Spotify telling you to LISTEN TO MY LIST?  Kinda feels demeaning to me.  I think, dude, I can put my own list together, thanks for trying to shove your taste down my thought.

Peace and respect,

spironicuser, matherton, Jonson

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Toy Soldiers, Martika, Rerecorded by EMINEM / harmonic tempo probabilty chart, video link

In the late 1980s the artist Martika had a ht with the song :Toy Soldiers.

Eminem Martika Toy Soldiers - modern tempo map
Eminem Martika Toy Soldiers

Modern artists Eminem produced his own recording using a borrowed sample from the song.

E – I do not know if you are using a drug that is making your face look like you are looking weak.  It’s your life, as YOU would say.

Here’s creativity compliment as to where you really got it SPOT ON.  I also want to make you think about some drugs that are around that kill.

The song: WITHOUT ME.  It sounds like you are bragging.  Sure, if one did not know that – put it this way, if Eminem had been born [black] he would be known as the best rapper that has ever been, hands down. I have heard many more rap and hip hop songs with “black” people trying to jump on Eminem’s unique talent for a creativity in phrasing assertions that sound alike Eminem.

All is fair! Who was better Chuck Berry or The Byrds?  Answer: neither one!  They were both uniquely fantastic musicians.

Here’s a secret that Eminem got from The Godfather of Should, Dr. Rev the late GREAT JAMES BROWN: in a 4/4 piece of music, if you feel and know were the AND ONE (usually located earlier, as FOUR AND), you pass.  There is a phrase that every musician (everyone is a musician if they want to be – a piano can be learned in a day) has etched in her or his brain:

“Always know where the ONE is. If you have that you are halfway there.” – the fantastic drummer and percussionist Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band

“[If I stop and anyone in my band does not know where the ONE is, they are out of the band. Not a personal thing, man! Life happens as you HIT the one with the sweetest harmonic sound as a new melody is played on a harmonic rhythm.]” – James Brown




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GRAMMY®’S BEST MOMENT – Emimen and Elton John “Stan” | video link w declassified tempo probability table


Stan-elton-emimem-modern-tempo-chart copy-jcch